It comprises three different areas with a total capacity of approx. 75 people.
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Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Arabic.
Our cuisine, with specialties from Arab Mediterranean countries like Morocco, Syria or Lebanon, is handled with care.
The most important thing for us, in LA FÍBULA, is quality. The quality you will find in our meals, prepared by our kitchen staff to offer you the best arabic cuisine, particularly Moroccan specialties such as Couscous, Tajines, “Bastelas”, Brewats...These, amongst others, are our best specialities. Our staff will be pleased to offer you their advice.
Choose amongst our culinary selection:
Hommos Beiruti (lib)
Smashed peas with sesame cream, smashed eggplant with yogurt and sesame cream.
Hommus Bel L’ hmed (syr)
Smashed peas with sesame cream, lemon juice and olive oil.
Mutabal (syr)
Smashed chickpeas with sesame cream, lemon juice, Olive oil and minced beef.
Warak Inab Bil Zeit (lib)
Fig leaves stuffed with rice, olive oil and mint.
Mohamara (syr)
Ground nuts red pepper and granada juice.
Falafel (syr)
Chickpeas and vegetables fried croquettes with sesame sauce.
Brewats De Jesh (mor)
Brik leave stuffed with chicken and raisins.
Brewats De Jeben (mor)
Brik pasta stuffed with cheese, mint and arabic spices.
Brewats De Jadrauad (mor)
Brik pasta stuffed with vegetables.
Brewats De Gambas (mor)
Brik pasta stuffed with shrimps.
Set El Sham (syr)
Roasted arabic cheese with dates and raisins.
Musakaa (lib)
Eggplant, tomato and onion mixed with a special touch.
Zaaluk (mor)
Roasted eggplant with tomato and arabic spices.
Batersh (syr)
Smashed eggplant, yogurt and sesame cream with tomato sauce and mince meat.
Arayes Kefta (lib)
Pita bread stuffed with mince meat, parsley and arabic spices.
Arayes Jebny (lib)
Pita bread stuffed with arabic cheese, tomato and a hint of mint.
Arayes Toushka (lib)
Pita bread stuffed with cheese and mince meat..
Arayes Segek (lib)
Mince meat, spices, garlic, tomato, olives and a special sauce.
Bastela (mor)
Brik pasta stuffed with chicken and nuts, with a hint of cinnamon and powdered sugar.
Hafor (lib)
Beef in sauce, rice and fried vegetables.
Maaluba (lib)
Marinated chicken with rice and fried vegetables with yogurt sauce.
Tabule (lib)
Parsley, bújol, onion, lemon and olive oil.
Fatuosh (syr)
Tomato, toasted pita bread, cucumber, lemon and olive oil.
Jeben Salata (jor
Arabic cheese, tomato, mint, cucumber and black olives.
Arabiye (mor)
Chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, parsley, lemon juice, and olive oil.
Magrebia (mor)
Roasted peppers and tomatoes with spices and black olives.
Fíbula (mor)
Shrimps, tomato, cucumber, spices, roasted pepper, roasted tomato, carrots and potatoes.
Cuscus Jadrauad (mor)
Ground rice with seasonal vegetables.
Cuscus De Yesh (mor)
Ground rice with chicken, raisins, chickpeas, and crystalized onions and lemons.
Cuscus Laham Bakkar (mor)
Ground rice with veal and seasonal vegetables.
Cuscus Laham Ghanam (mor)
Ground rice with lamb and seasonal vegetables.
Cuscus Royal (mor)
Ground rice with seasonal vegetables, chicken, veal, chickpeas and raisins.
Tajin Laham (mor)
Veal with seasonal vegetables.
Tajines Albercok (mor)
Veal with plums, decorated with toasted sesame and toasted almonds.
Tajin Kefta (mor)
Veal mince meat, egg, tomato, spices and a touch of parsley.
Tajin De Yesh (mor)
Chicken, parsley, spices, olives and crystalized lemon.
Tajin Berebere Royal (mor)
Lamb, crystalized onion, plums and raisins, decorated with almonds.
L’ ham Meshwi (syr)
Veal skewer with spices and sesaonal vegetables.
Kebab Halabi (syr)
Meat skewer with nuts with grilled vegetables.
Kefta Bel Tahine (jor)
Grilled meat with sesame sauce, lemon and grilled seasonal vegetables.
Shish Tawouk (syr)
Grilled chicken skewer with spices garnished with seasonal vegetables.
P.C. Xix Tawk (syr)
Pincho de pollo al carbón, falafel, humus y ensalada verde con con especias árabes.
P.C. L’Ham Meshwi (syr)
Pincho de ternera al carbón con especias y verduras de temporada falafel, hummus, mohamara y ensalada verde.
P.C. Arayes (lib)
Degustación de arayes con falafel, hummus y ensalada verde.
P.C. Kebab Halabi (lib)
Pincho de carne picada con frutos secos todo ello al carbón, con falafel, hummus, mutabal y ensalada verde.
P.C. Vegetal (syr)
Variado de cremas árabes con falafel, wark-inab y hamburguesa vegetal.
P.C. Cremas (syr)
Variado de cremas árabes con falafel y wark-inab.
Baklawa (lib)
Puff pastry with honey and nuts (3)
Laben Bel Lahasal (jor)
Arabic yogurt with honey and nuts.
Bortukal Bel Karfa (mor)
Orange with orange blossom and a touch of cinnamon, mint and toasted almonds.
Kenafeh Bel Geben (syr)
Puff pastry stuffed with arabic cheese, pistachios and honey.
Arabic Chocolate Ice Cream (lib)
Flan (mor)
Flan and chocolate with honey and nuts.
Green Tea whith mint
Another Teas
Our restaurant is located in the swearwatches pedestrian street that crosses the well-known Poble Sec’s district, in Barcelona, an antique teahouse reconverted into a resteurant, close to Paral·lel and to the Metro stops “Poble Sec” (L3) and “Paral·lel” (L2 and L3) and many city bus lines.
c/Blai 44
08004 Barcelona
Where to park
  • Av/ Paral·lel (190m 2')
  • C/ Tapioles 17 (210m 2')
  • C/ Compte borrell 21 (240m 3')
  • C/ Concordia 17 (400m 4')